Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hanimex HMG-7900 cartridge PCB scans

I'm still trying to retrace all the pins of the D779C-300 so when it will be finished, i will post the pinouts and infos. But in the meantime, here's some scans of the cartridges i have so far:

 SD-201 (front)

SD-201 (back)

SD-202 (front)

SD-202 (back)

SD-203 (front)

SD-203 (back)

SD-205 (back)

SD-205 (front)

As you can see, the SD-201 (aka Chaser/Gobeur) doesn't have any ROM, only a PCB with some jumpers to activate the Chaser/Gobeur game which reside in the D779C-300. So when another cartridge is connected, it shuts-off the Chaser/Gobeur game and the ROM replaces the Chaser/Gobeur game.

SD-202 (Space Smash) and SD-203 (Saucer Attack) have the same PCB's and connections, the only difference between the two is the model number of the ROM which are made by Motorola: SC87027P (SD-202) and SC94806P (SD-203).

The SD-205 (breakaway) PCB has also the same connections BUT it has a CD4069, two diodes and three resistors as extra components. Since i don't have all the other cartridges, i can't say what is it truly used for as i didn't retrace the PCB, but it looks like (just guessing here) that it is for the paddle as it is the only game that uses the paddle. Will know for sure when i have retrace it. ;)

I tried to find information about the Motorola ROM(or Masked ROM as plgDavid suggested since he told me that many time masked ROMs doesn't have any specific indications) but i only found that some companies has still has some of the Motorola ROMs in stock so no datasheets or extra information (so far). But what bugs me is that the smallest EPROM that has 28-pins is an 2764 (and compatible) which can contain up to 8K, but seeing how the games are very blocky and simple, i would estimate that the games are 1 or 2K in size.

I will lend these carts to plgDavid so that he will make dumps to preserve them and to see the Soundic SD-200/Hanimex HMG-7900 emulated one day. =)

--- Sly DC ---

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hanimex HMG-7900

I've been asked if i had information about the Hanimex HMG-7900, the games and the clones. Well in fact i do, i even wanted to write a FAQ about it. This would be the successor of the Epoch Cassette Vision since both game systems are pretty similar in hardware and software but not exactly the same.

First, it is really the Soundic Soundvision SD-200 that is the "parent" and all the others are clones. Yes, the Hanimex HMG-7900 is in fact a clone but it is the most popular known compared to the Soundic Soundvision SD-200. There is three types of models: the SD-200, the SD-270 and the SD-290 but all have the same main chip: a NEC uPD779C-300. The D779C is very similar to the chips inside the ECV cartridges but there is a major difference, the D779C is programmable compared to the D774C, D777C and D778C.

The D779C has the game "Chaser" programmed inside it but can be switched-off and be replaced by an external PROM/ROM. Before i go into technical details, here's the list of all the clones:

Company & Name of game system // Released // Year
* Soundic Soundvision SD-200 // Europe // 1983
* Eltron Programmable Color Video Game SD-200 // Hungary // 1984
* Hanimex HMG-7900 (SD-200) // France // 1983
* ITMC Programmable Color Video Game SD-290 // France // 1983
* JouéClub Programmable Color Video Game SD-290 // France // 1983
* Ormatu Video Spelcomputer 1001 (SD-290) // Netherlands // 1983
* Rollet Videocolor SD-270 // France // 1983
* Soundic Programmable Color Video Game SD-290 // Europe // 1983
* Zodiac (??) (SD-200) // Finland // 1983

The last one " Zodiac" is mentioned on the web site "NES-Retromaailma" ( but there is no full name or picture(s) of the game system.

As for the games, there is 9, not 10 that were officially released. Game manuals have been found it four different languages  so here's the list i have so far: (Note: Model can be either SD-20x or PC-20x)

Model // English // French // Italian // Hungarian
* SD-201 // Chaser // Gobeur // L'Inseguimento // Labirintus
* SD-202 // Space Smash // Meteorites // Space Smash // ???
* SD-203 // Saucer Attack // Envahisseurs // ??? // Urtamadas
* SD-204 // Raging Turtle // Course à la Tortue // ??? // ???
* SD-205 // Breakaway // Mur de Briques // ??? // ???
* SD-206 // Martian // Martian // Marziani // ???
* SD-207 // Outworlder // La Rivière Sauvage // ??? // ???
* SD-208 // Expedition // Trésor du Pharaon // ??? // Expedicio
* SD-210 // Space Scout // Les Aventuriers de L'Espace // ??? // Orjarat Az Urben

Unreleased Games (known so far):
* SD-209 // Fire Attack // Le Chevalier du Feu (1-player game)
* SD-2?? // Ice Skating (1or2-players game)
* SD-2?? // Road Race (1or2-players game)
* SD-2?? // Ski (1or2-players game)
* SD-2?? // Soccer (1or2-players game)
* SD-2?? // Tennis (1or2-players game)

Credits goes to Olivier Boisseau (of that he was the first one to notice that the Hanimex HMG-7900 and the Epoch Cassette Vision looked very similar graphically. Check out his report HERE.

Here's a blown-up and rendered screenshot of the "SD-209: Fire Attack"

This a Donkey Kong-type game clone.

And if you want to see some videos, go check HERE

I don't have the game system manual in English, only in French but at least, i have the "Chaser" game manual in plain English:

And here's a few cartridge scans:

Up in the next post, technical details  and pictures of some cartridges and game systems. :)

--- Sly DC ---

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Pictures of cartridge #1 to 9 PCB's

It may sound silly to see all the PCB's of each games but information is never silly, in fact knowledge is power..ok you won't lift a is mind power that i'm talking about. As i was taking pictures of the PCB's, i notice that some uses the same (or almost) layouts while others has more components (like Baseball).

I'll post the picture of the PCB's by cartridge number order (from 1 to 9):

Yosaku PCB front

Yosaku PCB back

Baseball PCB front

Baseball PCB back

Galaxian PCB front

Galaxian PCB back

Big Sports 12 PCB front

Big Sports 12 PCB back

Battle Vader PCB front

Battle Vader PCB back

Pakpak Monster PCB front

Pakpak Monster PCB back

New Baseball PCB front

New Baseball PCB back

Monster Mansion PCB front

Monster Mansion PCB back

Astro Command PCB front

Astro Command PCB back

Sorry if some pictures are not aligned/displaying correctly, but in my computer they are all OK. So that's it for today since i have neglected the OdySim blog for a couple of days, it's because that the OdySim is....NAH!! I'm not telling here...go read the OdySim blog in the following 24 hours, you'll have a "驚き". =)

--- Sly DC ---

More updates for the ECV

First, i wanted to reply to MGN3303 but i do not know why each time i try to reply, it is not published ?! So here's my reply to MGN3303:

こんにちは MGN3303!

Your English is very good! =)

This is a great pleasure to see you here on this blog and "Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!" for the scans of Monster Block and Elevator Panic and the information about the modification on the Battle Vader PCB.

Yosaku also has the "ヘンコウ" (Modify) on the PCB. I will post all the PBC of cartridge No.1 to No.9 very soon but if you want, i will appreciate to see the PCB's of Monster Block and Elevator Panic.

Again a huge "どうもありがとうございました!" MGN3303-san! =)

--- Sly DC ---

And here's the scans of the instruction inlays of Monster Block and Elevator Panic from MGN3303!

 MGN3303 also sent a picture of the Battle Vader with the mention " Modify or Modified" printed on the PCB. You can get the original picture in the comments and here's a picture to see what is modified (in red boxes):

So this make three PBC games that been modified by Epoch and those are: Yosaku, Big Sports 12 and Battle Vader. Is there others PBC's ?

And here's some pictures of the PCB's  that i took of the ECV:

Main PCB (front)

Main PCB (back)

Cartridge port PCB (front)

Cartridge port PCB (back-part1)

Cartridge port PCB (back-part2)

Lever1&2, Push-1to4 & Course PCB (back) + Light Gun connector

At the rate it's going, the ECV won't have any secrets left to tell! =)

Up next: Pictures of cartridge #1 to 9 PCB's.

--- Sly DC ---

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

ECV cartridge port Rev #3 and Light Gun circuit

I'm on a roll here! (lol!) Something was nagging me about pin B6, B7 and B8 and after it hit me...where does the Light Gun goes ?? ARGH!! Completely forgot about it! So before i post the new revision of the cartridgge port, here's some pictures i took of the ECV Light Gun (the Light Gun also works with the Epoch System 10, System 10M2 and the Toshiba TVG-610 if you didn't knew):

Huh ?? What the.. ?! There is almost nothing inside the gun! Just a photoresistor (photosensor), two metal blades which acts like a switch (or a push button) and springs, etc...Check the picture below for a better view:

If you ever get an Epoch Cassette Vision but missing the Light Gun to play the target games for the Big Sports 12 game cartridge (or the other three Pong consoles mentioned above), then have no is so simple to do your own Light Gun. You will need a 1/8 Stereo plug, one (momentary) push-button and a Photoresistor (aka Photo Darlington). If you need a schematic, here's one i've made (the circuit inside the blue square):

and for last, here is the revision #3 of the ECV cartridge port which includes the missing Light Gun connections:

I hope this is the last revision but if anyone finds an error or missing an information, please let me know, that will be greatly appreciated. =)

--- Sly DC ---