Tuesday, 20 October 2015

ECV Cartridge port pinout (update #2)

This morning, i translated most pages of MGN3303 blog to see if i could find information, and well i freaking did. I compared his notes on the cartridge port pinout and his and mine matches (i'm glad since that proves i haven't screwed-up...LOL!!!) and his research is more advanced than mine.

If you check his "CV_IO_2.PNG", you can clearly see that it is the "logic" circuitry of the ECV that he drawned. So to MGN3303, a huge "Arigato Takusan!" for his work! And now with this circuit, it was very helpful to know which pins goes where so here's Revision#2 of the cartridge port pinout:

And here's an update on MGN3303 logic schematic:

And here's the manual of the ECV (Epoch Cassette Vision (anyone wants to translate it ?), just
CLICK HERE or in the links in the upper-right corner of this blog.

Up next: Scans of ECV games inlays.

--- Sly DC ---

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