Tuesday, 20 October 2015

ECV Instruction Game Inlays (#1 to 9)

It is time now for the instruction game inlays for cartridges #1 to 9, hopefully that the Blogger server won't limit the upload. So as promised, here's the scans:

So, has anyone has cartridge #11 (Monster Block) and #12 (Elevator Panic) ? Would be fun to see scans of those too. BTW, all the inlay scans are at 600DPI.

Now all we need is someone with great Japanese language skill to translate all these instructions. Anyone up to it ? Not me...my skills are about 15-20 Japanese words that i know. ;P

--- Sly DC ---

1 comment:

  1. (I am not good at English sorry.)


    Are you requesting a "Monster block" and "Elevator panic" cartridge manual?
    I've scanned it. please in addition to your library.

    By the way, do you interested in another PCB of cartridge?
    In my "Battle vader" cartridge PCB, it has been added several parts and printed "ヘンコウ" .
    ("ヘンコウ" in English "modify")

    Such a PCB was also confirmed in the "Big sports 12" cartridge.

    Please check this link.