Monday, 19 October 2015

Epoch Cassette Vision Cartridge pinout

Now following the new thread by plgDavid on the MESS forum about the Epoch Cassette Vision and Jr., i told plgDavid that i think i have the cartridge pinout and yup! I found it! But i'm still missing identifying some pins, so here's the pinout (unfinished) for the Epoch Cassette Vision (not JR since it doesn't have any paddles):

The ECV (short for Epoch Cassette Vision) has three TTL's (S02=CD4049/S09 & S10=CD4050) and x1 uPDC626C TV Video Modulator compared to the ECV-JR which has only x1 TTL (CD4050) and the uPDC626C. It would be unwise to try to emulate the ECV-JR because it lacks some inputs like the COURSE (used only for Baseball & New Baseball), CONNECTOR (for a Light Gun for Big Sports 12) and Paddles (for many games). The AUX was designed for an unreleased "Block Breaker" game.

The ECV has x2 LEVERS called Lever-1 and Lever-2 but you can use either one, they both do the same thing. I can only guess it was for Left-Hand or Right-Hand persons(?), so that is why there is only one LEVER on the JR.

There is a Japanese guy by the nickname of "MGN3303" which has a great knowledge of the ECV and many other game consoles/systems, please visit his blog (it's in Japanese only but you can use an button in the upper-right to translate in English) by clicking HERE.

He even list all the game cartridges and also the number of the chip inside the cartridges, among many  other things like S-Video output, schematics, etc...If you're a "How the hell it works" kinda-guy like me, you'll be glad to visit his blog! =)

For the database for the MAME (MESS is now part of MAME in case you didn't know...), i'll copy his list with also the proper English name:

# of Game/Japanes Title/English Title/Chip Number
No.1: きこりの与作 / Yosaku / D777C-005
No.2: ベースボール / Baseball / D778C
No.3: ギャラクシアン / Galaxian / D777C-007
No.4: ビッグスポーツ12 / Big Sports 12 / D777C-004
No.5: バトルベーダー / Battle Vader / D774C
No.6: パクパクモンスター / Pakpak Monster / D777C-008
No.7: ニューベースボール / New Baseball / D777C-002
No.8: モンスターマンション / Monster Mansion / D777C-009
No.9: アストロコマンド / Astro Command / D777C-010
No.10: (グランドチャンピオン)/ Grand Champion (Unreleased)
No.11: モンスターブロック / Monster Block / D777C-013
No.12: エレベーターパニック / Elevator Panic / D777C-015

The game "Grand Champion" was  just about to be released when Epoch discovered that the game had bugs so they stopped the released and sadly, this game was canceled due to poor sales of the ECV-JR. It was based on the arcade game (same name) by Taito.

Here's a self-made cover of Grand Champion for the ECV:

I will be back tomorrow with scans of inlays of each 9 games i have (#1 to 9), sadly i'm still missing the two hardest games to find (#11 and #12)..sigh!

--- Sly DC ---

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