Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Epoch ElectroTennis – Japan’s first (made) console.

I wanted to share an URL of Hollo from "Super Gaijin Ultra Gamer" since he has helped me to know especially what was written of the score reels. Now thanks to him, i was able to finish the simulator but i wanted to send him the version 0.1 more than 2 years ago but his email always came back with the "Mailer-Deamon" error. I hope that if he ever read this, that he can finally check out the simulator (as everyone too). So to you Hollo, a big "Arigato Takusan!" =)

And to those who wants to a great quality picture of the silver variant, check out Adrian Scheel excellent web site "Pong Picture Page". And thanks to DW, it was the Denki-ya store that i forgot the name!

And finally, has anyone find out at least one clone of the Epoch Electrotennis ? Nope ? OK then here's another clue: The North American version clone of the Electrotennis was sold in the US and Canada and was either available with UHF or VHF output...well now someone should be able to find it ?! if not then try out the simulator, that may "giggle" a memory...LOL! ;)

--- Sly DC ---

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