Wednesday, 21 October 2015

More updates for the ECV

First, i wanted to reply to MGN3303 but i do not know why each time i try to reply, it is not published ?! So here's my reply to MGN3303:

こんにちは MGN3303!

Your English is very good! =)

This is a great pleasure to see you here on this blog and "Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!" for the scans of Monster Block and Elevator Panic and the information about the modification on the Battle Vader PCB.

Yosaku also has the "ヘンコウ" (Modify) on the PCB. I will post all the PBC of cartridge No.1 to No.9 very soon but if you want, i will appreciate to see the PCB's of Monster Block and Elevator Panic.

Again a huge "どうもありがとうございました!" MGN3303-san! =)

--- Sly DC ---

And here's the scans of the instruction inlays of Monster Block and Elevator Panic from MGN3303!

 MGN3303 also sent a picture of the Battle Vader with the mention " Modify or Modified" printed on the PCB. You can get the original picture in the comments and here's a picture to see what is modified (in red boxes):

So this make three PBC games that been modified by Epoch and those are: Yosaku, Big Sports 12 and Battle Vader. Is there others PBC's ?

And here's some pictures of the PCB's  that i took of the ECV:

Main PCB (front)

Main PCB (back)

Cartridge port PCB (front)

Cartridge port PCB (back-part1)

Cartridge port PCB (back-part2)

Lever1&2, Push-1to4 & Course PCB (back) + Light Gun connector

At the rate it's going, the ECV won't have any secrets left to tell! =)

Up next: Pictures of cartridge #1 to 9 PCB's.

--- Sly DC ---

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