Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Pictures of cartridge #1 to 9 PCB's

It may sound silly to see all the PCB's of each games but information is never silly, in fact knowledge is power..ok you won't lift a is mind power that i'm talking about. As i was taking pictures of the PCB's, i notice that some uses the same (or almost) layouts while others has more components (like Baseball).

I'll post the picture of the PCB's by cartridge number order (from 1 to 9):

Yosaku PCB front

Yosaku PCB back

Baseball PCB front

Baseball PCB back

Galaxian PCB front

Galaxian PCB back

Big Sports 12 PCB front

Big Sports 12 PCB back

Battle Vader PCB front

Battle Vader PCB back

Pakpak Monster PCB front

Pakpak Monster PCB back

New Baseball PCB front

New Baseball PCB back

Monster Mansion PCB front

Monster Mansion PCB back

Astro Command PCB front

Astro Command PCB back

Sorry if some pictures are not aligned/displaying correctly, but in my computer they are all OK. So that's it for today since i have neglected the OdySim blog for a couple of days, it's because that the OdySim is....NAH!! I'm not telling here...go read the OdySim blog in the following 24 hours, you'll have a "驚き". =)

--- Sly DC ---

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