Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Manuals & BIOS/ROMS for the BBC Bridge Companion

Until the MAME(MESS) driver of the BBCBC (BBC Bridge Companion) is updated with the proper background color:

 From this as MAME 0.169

to this version (MAME 0.1xx?)

I have uploaded on "Archive.org" all the manuals, catalog and other stuffs i have on the BBC Bridge Companion (see "Downloads" section to get the files) so you can know better how to use and play this obscure game system.

Files you can download are: 

* BBC Bridge Companion Operating Manual (must read)
* Play with BBC Bridge Companion (can see part in previous post)
* Tuning in your Bridge Companion sheet (only needed if you have the real game system)
* Bridge Builder Handbook (game manual of the Bridge Builder cartridge)
* Master Play 1 manual (game manual of the Master Play 1 cartridge)

And ROMS/BIOS for the MAME emulator (you will need to rename the "bbcbc-roms.zip" to "bbcbc.zip" and put the ROMS folder in MAME - all the cartridges binaries and the BIOS are in one zip file).

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