Friday, 22 January 2016

Soundic SD-290 and Coca-Cola Sportstron

This morning i have received the final game cartridge that i was missing for the Hanimex HMG-7900 library (Raging Turtle) so now i have all the games after 7-8 years. I also received a Coca-Cola Sportstron (with the box) that i have brought on Ebay for a very good price.

The seller sold it as "Not Working/for Parts"...well i can tell that he never checked it out because if he had put batteries, he could have heard the "beeps" coming out of the console. Check out the pictures:

That is normal that the video isn't perfectly synchronized as 
there is  slight difference between Japanese and North America
RF signals (but no problem if it is a Video signal).

Near mint condition!

Coca-Cola collectors, drool on this! :p

And if anyone of you get one of these Fuji Electric Coca-Cola TV-Game Sportstron, here's the translation of the control panel label:

Ok, now back to the Hanimex HMG-7900 or rather one of it's clones: the Soundic SD-290. I have made my first attempt to make a Audio/Video mod output and the D779C-300 has very similar pinouts as the other NEC dedicated chips found for the Epoch Cassette Vision games (example: D774C found in the Battle Vader cartridge or Epoch TV Vader game console).

But trying to make a PAL Video output on a NTSC TV/Monitor is not recommended since the Vertical Sync keeps rolling like in this video:

I could have used on of my small PAL/NTSC monitors (see BBC Bridge Companion posts) but i prefer to try a video output on a bigger screen first and then try it out on a small monitor. For now, the A/V mod for a SD-209 is only B&W as i tapped on the "Y" signal (B&W video signal) because PAL colors are pretty tricky to stabilize.

And last, i will post all the scans of each cartridge manuals i have in English for the HMG-7900 since i have three games that i only have French manuals (Météorites, Envahisseurs and Mur de Brique) and some cartridge labels too in the next post. =)

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