Thursday, 2 June 2016

Unisonic Champion 2711 (part 2)

Just tested out the lilBro.rom (exec/PAC-01 conversion) by decle on Atari Age and i can say he's done a great job! I tried with with MAME 0.167 (yup, same version as the first released of the Unisonic Champion 2711 driver) and here's two screenshots:

A bit confusing to see Champion 2711 games on the Intellivision but i'm glad to see this rare game system being preserved on his Big Brother! =)

For those who wants to try out the lilBro.rom, first download it and put the rom into the ROMS file in MAME with the (INTV BIOS pack) and make a BAT file with this line:

MAME intv -window -resolution 756X960@60 -video ddraw -cart roms/lilBro.rom

It will say "illegal resolution value" but it works or you can put this resolution instead: 378X480@60 (the same resolution i took the screenshots) .

Can't wait to see the other PACs to be converted and where this project will lead to. Maybe we even see unreleased Champion 2711 games done on the Intellivision ? Like That would be sssooo cool! =)

EOL (for now...)

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