Monday, 8 August 2016

Now i know why Q*Bert says @!#?@!

Ever wondered why the heck Q*Bert says "@!#?@! " ? Well usually it's because when he get caught, he swears or says "damn!" in Qbertian (i think...). Well, if you ever check out the magazine "Electronic Games" of June 1983 (page 41) and the July 1983 (also page 41), you'll see these adverts of Q*Bert:

Notice how Q*Bert is drawn in June 1983 ?? Good Grief!! (like Charlie Brown would say), looks like Q*Bert has swallowed a huge sour gumball and that he's on a few Redbull booster drinks! What the heck happened ?!?!

All i can say is thanks the Video Games Gods that the June 1983 version of Q*Bert was never officially adopted!! So now you know the story behind the "@!#?@!" to why Q*Bert says this....heck! I would too say @!#?@! if i looked like that (the June 83 look).

Would be cool to know the story behind of what happened at Parker Brothers back then...

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