Thursday, 10 November 2016

Telegames (USA) Personal Arcade

Hiya folks!

This is another quite rare game system as it is a HYBRID game system (a 2-in-1) which can play Colecovision and Sega SG-1000 game cartridges. But not all Colecovision carts can be played on this system as it's missing components to be able to play games for the Super Action Controllers, Rollerball and Drivig controller and some 2 players games.

But on the Sega SG-1000 part, it can play all the cartridges except the ones made for the SC-3000 even if this game system has the SG-1000 expansion port. I won't go to much details for this hybrid game system as it's already emulated in MESS (now MAME).

So enough chit-chat and onward to the pictures!

OUPS!! Don't know why these pictures are upside-down as they display properly on my computer...very strange.  OK, i know the A/V output really sucks as i've made this about 14 years ago to see if i could get a decent composite video output. Well at least it did and even without an OP amp!

The BIOS with the buit-in game "Meteoric Shower".

 Text hacked in French! (heh!)

LOVE this game!!

If you read: "Designed by Sylvain De Chantal", that's not a hack as it's was me who designed this game for Digital Press (yup, that's my real name BTW). I just designed the sprites, levels, i'm NO programmer. That job was made by my good friend Daniel Bienvenu (one of the Guru coder for the Colecovision, if not the best!). It was a blast and hell to have made this game. ;P

Now the SG-1000 part:

Again, hack the text in French just for fun!

And here's the cherry on the sunday (metaphor here), the scans of the manual:

EOL (for today... :P )

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