Saturday, 24 February 2018

The "boomerang" effect

this is weird...i'm usually the one who makes donations but this time, it's me who gets a donation. I have made donations to the "Imusée" some few years ago as we were partners (i was the president of the CCJVQ back then) of some Pong and standalone consoles (Like a Nintendo Racing 112 or a Bandai TV-Jack 5000 to name a few...).

But it is strange who things can turn around (like a boomerang) as Marc-André Léger (from the Imusée) gave 4 Pong consoles to Éric St-Cyr & Sarah Szefer (from Noir Magnétique and also the ones who replaced me as president after my departure) and they gave me those 4 Pong consoles, which are a K-Mart S4000, a IEA Technology Teletainment, a National Semiconductor Adversary 370 and a Sharp model 2200.

So a huge "Thank You!!" goes to Marc-André, Éric and Sarah for the Pong consoles!! And here,s some pictures of the consoles:

 I'll mod these when i'll find some spare times as i still have two Soundic Victory MPT-03 to fix first (and those are also donations from my "good-old video game collector buddy" Ianoid).

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