Thursday, 31 May 2018

Unisonic Champion 2711 40th Anniversary!

Hi folks!

I know i've been out of the picture for quite some time as my last post was end of February. Well  my personal life (job, kids, etc...) takes mostly of my free time but i always come back when i have a chance (like this one!).

Remember the post of January 8, 2018 ? Well in the meantime that i went "into the void", decle has released the final two missing games and a bonus: a brand new game for the Unisonic Champion 2711!!

That's right, a new game called "Bottom Gas" which is a port of the Atari 2600 game "Dragster" made by Activision, just go at this link to get the roms:

And if you're curious on how the Unisonic Champion 2711 internally works (hardware & software) then read everything on the top link and also here:

Decle made a hell of a great job and he so much impressed me that my brain went kablewwwyy! LOL!! it's guys like this that i love retro video gaming! =)

Until next post, take care all! =)

--- Sly DC ---


  1. I do this:
    The champion now can be used in frontends

  2. hello I wanted to ask did you stop with the design of the simulators?
    I search in the blog and channel but only found two simulators the entex/epoch and the odysim