Thursday, 8 July 2021

Blog now moved to

 Hi folks,

I have decided to merged the RCA Studio II Database and the Love MESS/MAME blogs into my own personal blog since many subjects were divided and/or were related to other blogs.

Some time ago, i merged the LOVE M.E.G.S. (Multi Electronic Game Systems) with the Love M.E.S.S./M.A.M.E., and now i'm merging the RCA Studio II Database with the Love M.E.S.S./M.A.M.E. so that all things i personal like in retro gaming will be in one place and under one URL.

Only my OdySim blog will remain individual as i still have a lot of information and new games to talk about and a new column in the future will be how to mod/upgrade your Magnavox Odyssey!

So delete this old URL/bookmark and go to the new one:

- Sly -