Thursday, 2 June 2016

Unisonic Champion 2711 (part 2)

Just tested out the lilBro.rom (exec/PAC-01 conversion) by decle on Atari Age and i can say he's done a great job! I tried with with MAME 0.167 (yup, same version as the first released of the Unisonic Champion 2711 driver) and here's two screenshots:

A bit confusing to see Champion 2711 games on the Intellivision but i'm glad to see this rare game system being preserved on his Big Brother! =)

For those who wants to try out the lilBro.rom, first download it and put the rom into the ROMS file in MAME with the (INTV BIOS pack) and make a BAT file with this line:

MAME intv -window -resolution 756X960@60 -video ddraw -cart roms/lilBro.rom

It will say "illegal resolution value" but it works or you can put this resolution instead: 378X480@60 (the same resolution i took the screenshots) .

Can't wait to see the other PACs to be converted and where this project will lead to. Maybe we even see unreleased Champion 2711 games done on the Intellivision ? Like That would be sssooo cool! =)

EOL (for now...)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Unisonic Champion 2711

Some of you are thinking..."What the heck (or &%?%) is a Unisonic Champion 2711 ??"

Well it is one of the most obscure and weirdest game system ever released...yes released!
Here's a picture of the beast:

I won't go into much details as i wrote a FAQ about this unknown game system. Just go to the menu under "Links" and click on "Unisonic Champion 2711 FAQ" to learn all the information there is.

In the FAQ, i wrote that one day the Champion 2711 will be dumped and emulated...well it's been a couple of months now that it's been done. I sold a dead Champion 2711 to "plgDavid" and lent him all the cartridges so he can dump everything and he also made the driver for MAME (MESS is now part of MAME if you didn't know). Since MESS 0.167 (ahh damn..MAME!), now you can try out the Unisonic Champion 2711 and if you need the BIOS and the carts ROMS then you're in luck because they are now available in the "Archives" section and the file is "" that you need to put in your MAME ROMS section.

You can check videos of each game PACs right here (or on my Youtube channel):

And now, "decle" from Atari Age forums is trying to convert/adapt all the games of the Unisonic champion 2711 to the Mattel Intellivision!! That is so great!

You can read all about it here: Li'l Bro - A Unisonic Champion Simulator for the INTV
and even download the PAC-01 conversion in ROM format for the JzIntv or other Intellivision emulators.

This i a great time that we live in now as many game consoles/systems are digitally preserved for historical purpose (and also to play...HEH!). =)