Saturday, 2 February 2019

Alfa Electronics Videotronic

Hi folks!

I have finally got my hands on a pretty rare discrete Pong console (after more than 10 years looking for it) from an Ebay seller in the UK (since i don't know if i can post his nickname or real name, he'll remain anonymous) which is called the "Videotronic" from Alfa Electronics.

So here's some pictures:

And here's a few pics of the "guts" of the console:

The picture with the red clip is where i hooked up to my TV monitor to display in composite video, so here's some screen shots of the games:

 "Tennis" game

"Football" game 

"Squash" game

If you see carefully, player 1 spot has horizontal lines inside the spot:

And the player 2 has vertical lines inside the spot:

which is SSSOOO pratical to know which player is whom. ;)

And this spot:

Well, this spot is the score indicator! Yup, depending on who scored, it goes to the left or right until a player made 4 points then after, the score spot comes back to it's initial position (on top of the center line). 

And here's some pics of the box and manual:


The cover of the manual looks so much like the cover of the box.

And finally, here's some videos of the games in action:




And i will upload the scan of the manual in a few days with a LOT (all i have found so far in twenty years on the net and self-scanned Pong manuals) first generation game manuals (Pong consoles and related). 

But if you are looking for some second generation game system manual, then go here:

And if you're looking for other manuals, roms or scan books, just go here:"Sly+DC"

Until next, take care all! =)

--- Sly DC ---

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